Antigue Beer Cans Wanted

Antique Beer Cans Wanted

Antique Beer Cans Wanted

Top dollar paid for your beer cans.

My name is Eric Lindstrom, I have been an avid vintage beer can collector for 34 years and a vintage beer can dealer for 14 years.

I'm always looking for quality individual vintage beer cans and vintage beer can collections to purchase. I have a strong reputation for being fair and paying top dollar for vintage beer cans. Contact me at:


If you have vintage beer cans to sell or are considering selling your vintage beer can collection be sure to call or email photos for your appraisal.

Don't throw away your old beer cans without calling me first!

The beer cans in the flash movie on the left are all vintage beer cans from the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's. Beer cans from this era are the beer cans that are going to have the highest values.

The beer cans with the cone on the top are called Cone Top beer cans. They were produced mainly for small breweries which only has bottling line for filling bottles. Cone Top beer cans are basicly a metal beer bottle.

Many cone top beer cans are valuable because the small breweries had a small market they sold beer too. Your larger breweries like Pabst Beer and Budweiser Beer had very large markets to sell their beer to and their beer cans tend to be less valuable.

Be sure to check out the site for information about vintage beer can collecting and the history of vintage beer cans.

I will beat all internet offers by 10%

Antique Beer Cans

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