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Antique Beer Cans Wanted

Antique Beer Cans Wanted

Cone Tops Were Introduced In 1935

Cone Top beer cans were introduced to the marketplace in 1935, a few years after the end of prohibition. All beer sold prior to the advent of the beer can was sold in bottles and kegs.

Beer cans had a very slow start in the early years. People were skeptical about canned beer. Many peopled said, "The beer doesn't taste as good as bottled beer". Also, small brewers couldn't afford to change over their bottling lines to can filling lines.

This economic factor is the reason for the development of the Cone Top. Can companies designed the Cone Top in the shape of a bottle. The new shape, made it possible for small breweries to can beer without having to replace their bottling lines.

Cone Tops were in production from 1935 to 1960. Many early Cone Top cans are quite rare for two main reasons.

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