Antigue Beer Cans Wanted

Antique Beer Cans Wanted

Antique Beer Cans Wanted

Pull Tabs Were Introduced In 1963

The first tab, the Zip Tab was created for the following reasons.

People got tired of looking for an opener to open their favorite beer can or soda can.

Some people had an opener right on their keychain, so the opener was always with them. I had a pocket opener, as a kid, for my soda cans. The sharp point on the opener poked my leg when I sat down, and after time, there was a hole in my jean pocket.

As a kid, I remember having Pull Ring wars with my friends. We broke off the rings from the tabs and flung the rings at each other. We took pride in how fast we could jump out of the way.

The tabs were sharp and people were getting cuts on their fingers from opening the cans and on their feet from stepping on discarded tabs. It wasn't too long before the pull ring was outlawed and today's safer tab, the Push Tab replaced it.

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